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Case Study: Offleash K9 Training

Offleash K9 Training

off leash
A Brand That Sought Expansion

It’s the dream of most brands to expand beyond their locale or audience. Growth is part of every business, and sometimes that growth is physical. Of course, physical growth also equates to financial growth (in many cases), but there’s a risk associated with it.

Expansion often feels like starting completely over in every new city you set your eyes on. This is the case for Offleash K9 Training. They wanted expansion but needed assistance along the way.

Solution: SEO to Boost Awareness

Solution: SEO to Boost Awareness

Once Offleash K9 Training contacted Exoagency, we knew exactly what to do. Our team used SEO to boost local awareness in every new city they wanted to be in.

Results: Expanding to Over 10 New Cities

With our help, Offleash K9 Training successfully expanded to over 10 new cities on the east coast and in the south. We were able to boost their ranking and local awareness to help trump the competition and bring this incredible brand to the locals’ doorsteps. We continue to work with Offleash K9 Training, boosting their SEO and helping them expand even further.
  • Florida
  • Texas
  • California