The Challenge

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Great Content but no Visibility

DeCasa Collections approached us to develop an effective SEO strategy and execute it for their website. While they had implemented on-page SEO techniques, it did not adhere to Google's best practices, and hence, it required optimization.

The Solution

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On-page, Off-page, & Technical SEO

In pursuit of our objective, we conducted thorough and extensive research to identify the most appropriate and competitive keywords that were in alignment with the business objectives of DeCasa Collections. We then seamlessly incorporated these selected keywords into the website's content, meta tags, and other on-page elements, ensuring that they adhered to the best SEO practices. Subsequently, after optimizing the on-page SEO, we devised an off-page SEO strategy to increase the visibility of the optimized keywords that were implemented within each webpage of the website. This was done to ensure that the website was among the top search results for relevant search queries, thereby amplifying its online visibility.

The Result

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Month over Month Growth (M/M)

By implementing these SEO strategies, Exo Agency helped DeCasa Collections achieve a remarkable tenfold increase in their organic growth rate. By optimizing their website's content, technical SEO, and link profile, they were able to improve their search engine ranking, and attract more visitors. If you're looking to improve your own website's search engine ranking, consider working with Exo Agency.