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    Let us help you optimize your online shop with our e-commerce consulting expertise.

    At Exo Agency, we can help you with your e-commerce website development. Our e-commerce consulting and development services can help drive business growth, so you see boosts in your sales and online visibility.

    Pick Your Platform

    Start by choosing your platform. We have plenty of venues to choose from to build and optimize your e-commerce website. You can choose from the following:

    • Shopify
    • BigCommerce
    • WooCommerce
    • Magento
    • PrestaShop
    • Shift4Shop
    • Square
    • Wix
    • And other e-commerce websites
    Pick Your Platform

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    Our Vision is to Ensure You Stand Out from the Competition

    E-commerce has revolutionized how customers purchase goods, with the market projecting that an estimated 219 million people will shop online in 2023, and e-commerce sales account for around 21% of worldwide retail sales. Now is the time to stand out and maximize your business’s profits and visibility. Our vision is to help you stand out, so you reach your business’s goals. We do this by leveraging our technology and skills to your advantage.

    Website Design & Functionality

    Optimize Your Online Shop

    With our e-commerce consulting and development services, we can help you make the most effective use of your online shop. With our expertise, your business will see a traffic increase, higher page rank, and lead engagement. We can help you optimize your online shop’s design and technology. Here is how:


    With 59% of people preferring well-designed and aesthetically pleasing designs over basic ones, you will want to be sure your e-commerce page stands out from the crowd. We can help you accomplish this by:

    • Optimizing your e-commerce design
    • Optimizing your page’s content
    • Optimizing listings
    • Assisting with strategic lead captures


    You will also want to be sure you have the right tools to reach customers. The right e-commerce technology can help boost your sales as you provide customers with better service, a personalized shopping experience, and more efficient processes. We can help with the following:

    • Digital ads and promotions
    • Retargeting campaigns
    • Increased nationwide sales
    • And more!

    Our eCommerce Strategies

    We can help you whether your sales are low, you still need to put your products online, or you are planning to launch an online-online business. Learn more about how we can help your business below:

    By implementing effective eCommerce SEO strategies, you can improve your position for your most important and highly searched keywords, attract more qualified leads, and increase online sales and revenue.

    Engaging text, aesthetically pleasing page layouts, and appealing visuals are just a few ways you can ensure you include quality content on your page.

    Gather information about interested individuals to turn them into future customers. Since these individuals have already shown interest in your company once, they are already one step closer to purchasing from your business.

    Google offers various digital advertising options to help you reach customers online, including Search, Display “Websites & Gmail” and Video “YouTube” campaigns.

    Retargeting ads can turn visitors into customers, making it a great way to drive conversions and reduce cart abandonment, which happens when a customer places a product in their cart but does not go through with buying it.

    Industries Where We Excel

    Though we’re good at everything we’ve mentioned, everyone has something they do best. This one is ours.