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    Bringing Your iOS App Idea to Life

    Entrepreneurs all over the globe have benefitted from implementing successful iOS mobile apps. From idea inception to final execution, creating a new mobile app involves many layers of intricate detail. Our trained experts are ready to take on a new challenge.

    At Exo Agency, we work with you to create custom apps to fit your unique business needs. The application designs we offer adapt to fit whichever technologies you require, whether for iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.

    As a trusted iPhone app developer, we transform your idea from the inside out — bringing your concept to life. No idea is too big for us to handle. Show us what you’ve got.

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    Our Work

    We want to see you succeed!

    We collaborate with a vast array of sectors and possess a well-established history of expertise across a multitude of industries. Should there be an industry we have yet to engage with, we eagerly undertake thorough research to understand the client's specific target audience. The following showcases examples of mobile applications we have developed for businesses across diverse sectors, ranging from e-commerce to localized services.

    Our Innovative App Development Services

    We handle everything to ensure your app comes optimized to perform on the Internet of Things (IoT). Our team creates products supported by secure communication and big data protocols.

    The proliferation of wearable technology has increased the demand for apps to fit these devices. We can develop apps to fit these standards, accounting for all the functionalities which make them unique. Our team specializes in apps for smart watches, Fitbits, and smart glasses.

    AR and VR have become standard fixtures in the world of app development. Our app developers have trained extensively in crafting effective AR and VR capabilities. Using ARKit, developers can produce best-in-class technology to fit today’s standard of AR and VR.

    Integrating blockchain into mobile app development can allow for advanced functionality by increasing privacy for its users. Our team follows the latest trends and guidelines to produce fully blockchain-enabled technology for your apps.

    The trend toward AI and ML optimization isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Voice recognition is a central component of an effective app. Our team keeps up with Apple software updates and can seamlessly integrate any iOS app with Siri capabilities.

    We maintain protocols like NFC and Wi-Fi for wireless communication between devices. Our Swift developers create intelligent iOS apps using AWS Lambda, Kinesis, and Sumerian to power an Intelligent Home Center with industrial-grade precision.

    There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to app development. We review your business’s needs, wants, and goals to generate an app that leads to success. Our app developers are experienced professionals trained in UX, UI, iOS SDK, Xcode, API, Core Data, and Human Interface Guidelines to ensure you get the highest quality service.

    Let's Get Started

    We Follow Best Practices

    • Preserving Coherent Branding

      We use your branding guidelines to create an app tailored to your company. Branding is crucial to any successful business, and we want to enhance what you already have. For B2C and B2B companies, the heart of your brand will remain in any app development process. We imbue your app with any images, typography, and video associated with your brand.

    • Maximizing Loading Speed

      Users don’t want to wait for your app or the pages on it to load. We use technologies that lead to the fastest load times for your app. Our team uses CDN for static content like CSS, JS, and images and gzip for HTML. We don’t use non-passive event listeners – we use listeners without time-out settings and enable caching on Memcached, Redis, and Varnish.

    • Optimizing for Search Engines

      Your app needs to appear on a search results page for someone to download it. We create page structures on your app that follow SEO guidelines to improve your ranking. For every project, our team will use strategic keywords designed to increase the relevancy of your app to users who are intent on downloading it.

    • Documenting the Code

      A well-documented codebase is essential to producing and maintaining an excellent mobile app, and it helps our development team refer to it later. When the code remains accessible, it becomes easier to update and edit in the future. We keep the proper documentation for all the app development projects.

    • Maintaining a Coding Standard

      Upholding a common standard for coding is a defining characteristic of an effective development team. This process ensures that the code is manageable for every programmer working on it. In turn, your development work keeps running smoothly. We deliver custom web application services where the codebase is standard, understandable, and clean.

    • Meaningful Variable & Function Names

      There must be a naming standard for all the variables and function names. With this, other programmers and testing teams find it easier to understand the code. Our developers use meaningful and correct labeling for every function and variable, which agrees with the coding standard we maintain, resulting in a clean output every time.

    • Creating Mobile Responsive Apps

      We ensure the web application we design and develop is mobile-friendly, keeping the UX human-centric. More than having a website look nice on a computer screen is required. The content must also adapt to fit phone screens and mobile devices.

    • Maintaining a Security Standard

      No enterprise or SMB can improve the website’s UX by ignoring privacy and security issues. The web application must also come equipped with the latest encryption mechanism to secure corporate and user data. We design and install every application to eliminate security vulnerabilities, safeguard them from privacy attacks, and keep your data safe.

    • Building Progressive Web Apps

      Progressive Web Apps (PWA) bridge the native mobile and web application experiences. New generations of apps use technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3, and they must still perform like a native app with a personalized user experience. We create a one-of-a-kind user experience across platforms with PWA.

    Industries Where We Excel

    Though we’re good at everything we’ve mentioned, everyone has something they do best. This one is ours.