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    Elevate your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) consulting services today!

    Start building customer relationships today. Learn more about how Exo Agency can help you drive business growth with our CRM consulting services. Our digital marketing campaigns are guaranteed to help your business excel!

    CRM Is Essential for Building Customer Relationships

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows your business to build connections with your customers, which leads to customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is gained through trust and a business’s ability to repeatedly meet and exceed a customer’s expectations. When customers trust a brand, they are more likely to become loyal customers who continuously buy from your brand.

    A business’s continued growth relies on customer loyalty. Statistics drive home this point by revealing that repeat customers make up 65% of a company’s business and that increasing customer retention by 5% can boost a business’s profits anywhere from 25% to 95%. Statistics also reveal that repeat customers spend more than non-repeat customers, usually spending an average of 33% more on purchases.

    To drive home the importance of customer loyalty, 82% of businesses acknowledge that customer retention costs them less money than customer acquisition. A statistic on customer acquisition shows that acquiring a new customer can cost seven times more than simply selling to a consumer who has already purchased from your business.

    The importance of customer retention and loyalty remains clear. A custom CRM system can help you optimize customer relationships and maximize profits. A CRM consultant can help you improve customer service with a custom CRM solution.

    At Exo Agency, we can help you set up a CRM system to help you interact confidently with customers, track customer interactions, and streamline processes. Your business will thank you as you see an increase in sales and profits.

    CRM is Essential

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    Elevate Your CRM Today

    • Technology

      Utilizing the right tools will help you build the connections you need. With our CRM software, you can expect the following: Industry-specific & industry compliance, Integration with essential software, Automated customer journey, and Advanced data & analytics.

    • Systems

      An effective CRM system will help you manage and improve customer relationships. Our CRM system does this and more. Our services include: Real-time reporting & forecasts, Mobile-friendly design, Multiple communication channels, and more.

    • Measurable Customer Journey

      Convert leads faster by creating, guiding, and tracking the customer journey. Measuring the customer journey will also allow you to better understand customer interactions with your brand, so you can create a better customer experience and enjoy the growth it brings.

    • Leveraged data

      Artificial intelligence (AI) can optimize your leads by hyper-targeting, retargeting, and identifying new demographics.

    • Customization

      We also offer customizable CRM software. We can help personalize your CRM with advanced features or functions, or we can work to build your custom CRM from scratch. The level of customization is up to you.

    • Innovative Solutions

      Our CRM consulting services will help you build lasting connections with your customers, so your business thrives. We can help find, personalize, or build any functions for the relationship management software you need.

    Our Vision Is to Help You Succeed

    Effectively building relationships with your customers will lead to customer loyalty and help you grow your business. With our CMR and other services, we will help your business see the growth it deserves. Our data and technology do the work while you see the results!

    Our Vision

    CRM Consulting Services

    A custom solution can streamline workflows and better engage and track leads. Learn more about how our custom CRM services can help you below.

    We offer regional and built-in compliance programs so you can rest assured that your business will uphold its upstanding reputation and not lose out on money.

    Automation allows you to track your customer journeys and better understand your customers so you can optimize the customer experience.

    Reach users and build your customer base through multi-channel communications, such as text, email, and multiple social media channels.

    Our software’s analytics and AI can help you retarget these leads, so your business sees an increase in revenue.

    This decision-making tool can help estimate future growth based on predictions in development.

    Industries Where We Excel

    Though we’re good at everything we’ve mentioned, everyone has something they do best. This one is ours.