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    Digitally transform your business with our cloud consulting services!

    At Exo Agency, we offer our expertise as cloud consultants to help you optimize your cloud environment so your business can accelerate in growth as your customers experience top efficiency, security, and performance.

    What Is The Cloud?

    By now, you have likely heard of the cloud, the servers you can access across the internet and through any device, not just the computer. These servers are found all across the globe in data centers. The cloud allows you to access your information across multiple devices rather than just one, meaning if you break your phone, you can get a new one and still have access to the same information. The only thing the cloud requires is an internet connection.

    Examples of cloud services include:

    • Apple iCloud
    • Google Drive
    • Microsoft OneDrive
    • Yahoo Mail
    • Dropbox

    Currently, there are three main types of clouds: public, private, and hybrid.

    • Public clouds: These are the most common type of cloud and are owned by third-party servers. One example of a public cloud is Microsoft Azure. Public clouds typically cost lower than the other types and require no maintenance. It also has unlimited scalability.
    • Private clouds: These clouds are owned by one organization rather than third-party servers, which means that the organization also overlooks the cloud’s maintenance. Large organizations and government agencies are the main users of private clouds. The advantages of this type include resource maximization, regulatory compliance, more control, and flexibility.
    • Hybrid clouds: This type combines the best of both public and private clouds. As its name suggests, hybrid clouds run in both public and private cloud environments. It combines infrastructure from both, allowing apps and data to run seamlessly across both environments.
    What is Cloud

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    Our Cloud Consulting Services

    Let us help you set up initial systems or migrate your current data and digital operations to your custom cloud. Here's how we can do that:

    We can start by optimizing and automating your cloud’s workflow. This step allows your cloud’s multiple microservices to occur seamlessly at once.

    Once your workflow becomes automated and optimized, we can work on transferring your current data with minimal downtime so you can get back to running your business.

    Once your cloud migration is complete, we can work on access controls. You will be able to assign and edit user access at any time, making it easy and convenient for you.

    Allowing users to log in from any computer or device and access the files they need at any time. The cloud’s remote accessibility features allow for more flexibility and better collaboration.

    You can utilize cloud analytics to better understand your competition and gain an edge in your industry. Meanwhile, AI will improve your cloud’s efficiency and overall performance.

    Our Vision Is To Help You Succeed

    Competition is fierce, so you need every edge you can get. With our cloud consulting and other services, we can help you stand out against the crowd, so your business grows in visibility and revenue. Our data and technology work hard while your business sees the results.

    Our Vision
    Your Custom Cloud

    Begin Your Transformation

    • Design

      Excellent cloud design will keep in mind various key components of cloud architecture, such as its infrastructure, applications, services, security, and more. With our cloud services, your custom cloud design will be top-of-the-line. You can expect the following: Streamline the internal process, Privacy and security improvement, Multiple time and cost-saving benefits and Reduce redundancies automation.

    • Technology

      Just as important as design, technology ensures your cloud system delivers its top-notch computing services over the internet. These computing services include the cloud’s servers, databases, networks, and software, as well as its intelligence and analytics. Cloud technology allows an individual to access their cloud remotely on multiple devices. With our cloud technology, you can expect the following: Improved data analytics, Simplified data migration, Custom features, functions, and more.

    • Integrations

      You can expect cloud integration with both standard and industry-specific software. Our integrations include the following: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Web Host Manager (WHM), ePanel, & Plesk.

    Industries Where We Excel

    Though we’re good at everything we’ve mentioned, everyone has something they do best. This one is ours.